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Storms, COVID-19 and Politics

Several decades back, while I was living with my parents in Moorhead, Minnesota, a radio announcer read the day’s weather forecast. Nothing unusual about that. The forecast was another matter. As I recall, the National Weather Service was telling us … Continue reading

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The Masked Minnesotan

I wear a face mask when I go to a store or church: or any place where I’ll be near other folks. I do so because the COVID-19 pandemic is still in progress. These days, wearing a mask in public … Continue reading

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Beyond George Floyd

A police officer killed George Floyd on May 25, 2020. Many folks, including me, think that was wrong. Some have been getting together to protest George Floyd’s death. The protests started in Minneapolis and are now international. I haven’t joined … Continue reading

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Patriot Dreams

The Fourth of July is Independence Day for the United States. It’s also the anniversary of Alice in Wonderland’s inspiration and Pulcheria’s first day as regent. Folks could celebrate Earth’s aphelion today. We’ll be getting nearer our sun until early … Continue reading

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