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TRAPPIST-1: Water? Life??

TRAPPIST-1’s planets may support life: or not. We don’t know. Not yet. We’re pretty sure that all seven are rocky worlds, like the Solar System’s inner planets. Three are in the star’s habitable zone. The inner two definitely do not … Continue reading

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Pollution: Still Learning

Scientists found PCBs and PBDEs in deep-sea critters, armyworms are on the march in Africa, and Mexico City’s air isn’t as clean as we’d hoped. Rational concern seems reasonable. PCB in the Deep Blue Sea We’re Still Learning Armyworms March … Continue reading

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Epiphany Sunday

Statues1 of Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar started near the clock in our living room. I took those pictures of them on Wednesday. Their trip to the nativity scene ended today, Epiphany Sunday. We read about “magi from the east” in … Continue reading

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Mars, Aliens, and SETI

I’d love to be talking about unambiguously artificial signals picked up by the Allen Telescope Array, or reports of a ship from beyond the Solar System settling into orbit around our moon. But that hasn’t happened, and probably won’t. Not … Continue reading

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