Demo-2’s Rescheduled Launch

Starting at 10:00 this morning, I’ll be watching NASA Live’s coverage of the rescheduled Demo-2 launch.

That’s 10:00 this morning in Minnesota. It’ll be 15:00 UTC.

The launch itself will, if all goes well and weather permits, be at 2:22 this afternoon. That’s 19:22 UTC, if I’m doing my figuring right.

I embedded NASA Live’s YouTube video in this post.

Partly so I can find it easily. And partly because maybe you’d like to watch launch coverage here. Or maybe you’d prefer getting closer to the source:

Normally, this is where I’d talk about the Demo-2 mission, SpaceX Dragon, or whatever other vaguely-relate topics ambled through my mind. But I did that yesterday.

And now, the inevitable links to somewhat-related posts:

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