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Christopher Marlowe and His World

I’d started writing about soliloquies in Marlowe’s “Dr. Faustus….” That reminded me of film noir and the Gunpowder Plot. So today I’ll be discussing Christopher Marlowe, but mostly his era: Elizabethan England. Along with European politics and whatever else comes … Continue reading

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Perseverance on Mars: February 18, 2021

(Mars 2020 getting ready for launch last year.) I’ll be looking at NASA’s Mars 2020 Ingenuity helicopter, the spacecraft, and an experimental oxygen generator. With a quick look at news of the mission’s landing this afternoon. Outward Bound: July 30, … Continue reading

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A Winter Weather Advisory, Forecasts and Making Sense

It’s Wednesday afternoon as I start writing this. The weather forecast says we’ll likely see rain, freezing rain and snow within the next 12 hours. On the ‘up’ side, the rain — freezing and otherwise — should end before dawn. … Continue reading

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The Pope Wasn’t Arrested (or) I’m Not Making This Up

A weekend rumor may help explain why some of my social media was very sluggish yesterday. Briefly: Pope Francis wasn’t arrested The Vatican wasn’t blacked out Military officers and/or the FBI haven’t put the Pope in a secret prison And, … Continue reading

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