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Trying to live as if loving God, and my neighbors, matters

New Windows

(Adoration chapel windows in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.) I’ve spent an hour at the adoration chapel almost every week for a few years now. Signing up seemed like a good idea at the time. It still does. But this sort of … Continue reading

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Finding New Worlds

We could detect oxygen in Proxima Centauri b’s atmosphere. It’s a biosignature, but not proof of life. Some extrasolar planets are like Earth, almost. Many are unlike anything in the Solar System. I’ll be looking at recently-discovered worlds; some almost … Continue reading

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Anxiety Optional

Today’s second reading from Philippians 4 says to have “no anxiety at all,” praise God, and “make your requests known to God.” Then we’ll have “the peace of God….” “Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and … Continue reading

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Death in Las Vegas, and Life

My plans for today did not include writing about mass murder on the Las Vegas Strip and rush hour panic in Wimbledon. Instead of trying to ignore what is now international headline news, I decided to look for whatever useful … Continue reading

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