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I was born in 1951. I'm a husband, father and grandfather. One of the kids graduated from college in December, 2008, and is helping her husband run businesses and raise my granddaughter; another is a cartoonist and artist; #3 daughter is a writer; my son is developing a digital game with #3 and #1 daughters. I'm also a writer and artist.

I’m Back! — So are Comments and ‘Likes’

I spent most of this week on a voyage of discovery — nifty metaphor, that — which ended with A Catholic Citizen in America finally complying with Electronic Frontier Foundation’s dream of personal freedoms and online civil liberties. In other … Continue reading

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I’ll be Back, or, Resolving Technical Issues (Maybe)

It’s been well over a month since anybody’s been able to comment on posts here. And I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated. At least partly because I’ve been using increasingly-outdated software and services. That’s the not-so-good news. The good news is … Continue reading

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Ukraine, Russia, Annexation; and Learning from History

(From Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, via Wikimedia Commons, used w/o permission.) (Looking for bodies in Chernihiv’s secondary school number 18. (March 6, 2022)) I hadn’t planned on writing about the mess in Ukraine this soon. But stuff happened. So … Continue reading

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Mostly Good News: New Computer For Me

My wife and son are giving me a new computer. It’s both a wedding anniversary present, and a much-needed upgrade. That’s good news. More good news, at least from my viewpoint: I decided that it is financially possible to upgrade … Continue reading

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