Unscheduled Posts and Other Changes

I faced a pleasant dilemma yesterday. My son has purchased and set up a router, replacing the oddly-malfunctioning one. That gives me access to ‘Catholic Citizen’s’ website.

I could go back to my ‘Friday and Sunday posts’ writing routine. I enjoy that process, but I also enjoy having more unstructured time.

That’s let me get started on non-research reading and several long-dormant activities. One of those is writing a book-length text, which has not passed from ‘I really should’ to getting words on paper. It’s actually ‘saved to file.’ You get the idea.

“American by Birth, Catholic by Choice” is the working title. My current intention is looking at why I thought becoming a Catholic made sense. I’ve already wandered into Macedonian, Roman and Byzantine history, so where I end up is anyone’s guess.

So: the old two-posts-a-week schedule is still ‘on hold.’ I’m writing new material for this blog, which will come at irregular intervals. The first of these is in process, and will be ready — whenever it’s ready: a declaration that’s as uninformative as it is vague.

As usual, here’s more of my stuff:

About Brian H. Gill

I'm a sixty-something married guy with six kids, four surviving, in a small central Minnesota town. I mostly write and make digital art. I'm only interested in three things: that which exists within the universe; that which exists beyond; and that which might exist.
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