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On the Halloween Express

Tomorrow is Halloween. I hope you have a good one. I mentioned St. Wolfgang of Regensberg, All Hallows’ and All Souls’ Day, and the autumnal equinox last year. Also Gaelic and Welsh traditions, jack-o’-lanterns, and Easter eggs. Enjoying my culture’s … Continue reading

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Love. And Science

Pharisees and Sadducees had been important and respected folks for about two centuries by the time our Lord talked about love. They agreed on quite a bit. Maybe more than they realized. But they didn’t see assorted political, social, and … Continue reading

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Swatting Fast Flies

We’re a lot smarter than flies, which probably helps us swat them. But the insects are very good at being somewhere else when the flyswatter or newspaper hits whatever they were on. I’ve run into a few reasonable speculations. One … Continue reading

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Wanting Truth

I think truth is important, so do many others. Some see truth in ways that doesn’t line up with my views. Sometimes I can respect how they reached their conclusions. But I still think I’m right. Closer to what’s true, … Continue reading

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