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Harvey Over Texas

Harvey’s in the news, a lot, and probably will be for days. I noticed stuff piling up in my notes, and decided that getting part of my ‘Friday’ post done early was a good idea. Superlatives “Unprecedented?” Maybe In the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey

Harvey was still a tropical storm when it went over the eastern Caribbean. That was a little over a week ago. Folks in Barbados were without power for a while. At least one house was destroyed, and more folks had … Continue reading

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Great American Eclipse 2017

A Solar eclipse sweeping from coast to coast dominated Monday’s news in America. I saw headlines describing the event, weather in different states, how folks had prepared and how they reacted, and some of the science involved. It was nice … Continue reading

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Danae’s odd view of Papal infallibility isn’t accurate. (July 30, 2017) But I’m not upset by Non Sequitur’s ‘Church of Danae,’ particularly since I see the funny side of the cultural quirks Wiley Miller highlights. I do, however, occasionally use … Continue reading

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