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DNA and Cancer

Apparently quiet a few sorts of cancer ‘just happen,’ no matter how much fiber we eat, how much we don’t smoke, and how far we run each day. Or exercise, in my case. Thanks in part to now-replaced defective hips, … Continue reading

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The Past: What We Know, What We Don’t

I was writing about cancer and medical knowledge we’ve accumulated over the last few millennia, when I realized that I’d gotten more off-topic than usual. For me, that’s saying something. When I catch myself rambling I’ve got options. Sometimes I … Continue reading

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Knowledge: Opening the Gift

The quote is from Tennyson’s “Ulysses,” among my favorite poems; and the source for my Google Plus tagline: “…To follow knowledge, like a sinking star, “Beyond the utmost bound of human thought….” (“Ulysses,” Tennyson (1833)) I’m not “an idle king,” … Continue reading

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Baryons, Gravity Waves

These are exciting, or disquieting, times. Which it is depends partly on how much a person likes living in a world where scientific knowledge is rapidly changing. I like it, a lot. CERN’s New Omega Baryons Baryons, Quarks, and Empedocles … Continue reading

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