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Olathe: Death and Hope

Murder and attempted murder in the Kansas City metropolitan area last week is international news. If the suspect’s neighbor is right, the ‘drunken mess’ who killed an engineer from India was having trouble dealing with his father’s death.1 I think … Continue reading

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Oatmeal For Lent

I’ll be eating oatmeal for breakfast during Lent, and walking around more. If I was in England, I’d probably call it porridge, and that’s another topic. It’ll be be good for my health, and I’m sure that’s one reason my … Continue reading

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Face Transplant at Mayo

Andy Sandness wasn’t born looking like that. He’s lived with the consequences of a “wrong choice” for more than a decade. Agreeing to get Mayo Clinic’s first face transplant won’t undo his decision. But now he has a second chance … Continue reading

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New Daily Prayer Routine

I tried — briefly — bargaining with God when we lost Elizabeth, our youngest child. (October 9, 2016) When the somewhat one-sided conversation was over, I was accepting the unpleasant realities, and asking for help dealing with them: so I … Continue reading

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