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Europa, Mars, and Someday the Stars

Scientists think they’ve detected more plumes of water, shooting up from near Europa’s south pole. It’s early days, but we may have found a comparatively easy way to collect samples from the Jovian moon’s subsurface ocean. Stephen Hawking says humanity … Continue reading

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Amos and Social Justice

I think social justice is a good idea. I’d better explain that. I think acting as if people matter is a good idea: all people, not just the ‘right’ ones. I’ll be talking about “the poor of the land,” private … Continue reading

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The Minden Monster, What Killed Lucy

The ‘Minden Monster,’ a whacking great carnivore that lived about a hundred million years before T. Rex, is in the news again. Studying it will help scientists work out details of megalosaur development. I’m fascinated by that sort of thing. … Continue reading

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Shopping Center Attack: Why I Care

Saturday night’s attack in a St. Cloud shopping center was uncomfortably close to home. Crossroads Mall is about an hour down the road from where I live, and a place I’ve enjoyed visiting. Only one person died, the attacker: a … Continue reading

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