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Faith, the Universe, and Wisdom

I think the universe is billions, not thousands, of years old; Earth isn’t flat; Adam and Eve aren’t German; poetry isn’t science; and thinking is not a sin. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know why being a Christian … Continue reading

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Brogdar, Öetzi, and Piltdown Man

Archeologists found a big stone structure buried under a 43-century-old garbage dump in the Orkney Islands. Öetzi, Europe’s frozen mummy, got his wardrobe from many different critters: why, we don’t know. Piltdown Man’s in the news again, too. Looks like … Continue reading

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Why Friday’s Post Came on Sunday

There’s a reason for my ‘Friday’ post showing up Sunday morning; and this week’s ‘Sunday’ post, whatever it’ll be about, getting delayed until next Sunday. It’s been ‘one of those weeks.’ Starting Monday afternoon, I’ve experienced a series of minor … Continue reading

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Polio, Zika, and Using Our Brains

Polio is back in Nigeria: only two cases that we know of; which isn’t particularly comforting, since most folks with polio have no symptoms. The good news is that vaccines are available: and may get to most of those who … Continue reading

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