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Humility isn’t Being Delusional

Truthfulness and humility are virtues, pride is a sin, and we’re supposed to practice humility.1 So Olympic athletes should say they’re puny? Small wonder some folks think faith makes no sense. Accepting Reality Humility is a good idea, within reason: … Continue reading

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Studying Thousands of New Worlds

Scientists studied the atmospheres of two exoplanets, planets orbiting another star, earlier this year. Both planets are roughly Earth-sized, with atmospheres a bit like the Solar System’s terrestrial planets. Juno arrived at Jupiter last month, and will start its science … Continue reading

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Citizenship and Being Catholic

I like being an American, most of the time. I know that my country is far from perfect, but I’d rather be here than anywhere else on Earth. Living in Sauk Centre, a smallish central Minnesota town, probably helps. I … Continue reading

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Early Agriculture, New Tech

‘Genetics news’ caught my eye this week. DNA from barley that’s been sitting in a cave for six millennia is helping scientists learn about agriculture’s origins. A fits-in-your-hand Biomolecule Sequencer is at the International Space Station. If it works, folks … Continue reading

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