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  • Words crafted by a professional copy writer
  • Pictures, diagrams, navigation buttons, logos, icons, and other graphic elements carefully chosen, created, or assembled
  • Navigation and site structure planned with visitors and search engines in mind
  • Layout of each page planned for fast loading and easy viewing


  • New pages or changes in existing pages, as interest in the website grows
  • new features as needed, including shopping carts and online ordering, animations, and downloadable documents
  • Research to discover new avenues for website growth


  • Keeping it current, with updates and seasonal changes in the website
  • Statistics - which pages are most popular, where visitors enter the site, where they leave, and more - gathered and reported monthly
  • Analysis of visitor habits, with suggestions for improving the website


  • Intelligent submissions to major search engines and directories
  • Exploration of link sharing and other low-cost and no-cost traffic boosters
  • Recommendations for traditional promotions, including magazine and newspaper ads, and press releases

Related Services

  • Document design - fliers, brochures, newspaper advertising, letterhead, order forms and more
  • Logo design
  • Print-on-demand form design and development

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Since 1997

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  • Over ten years experience in advertising
  • An appreciation of your needs
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