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Creating Your Website


How much does a website cost to create and maintain?

Creating a website can cost about as much as creating a print advertisement. Annual cost for hosting a website, with several email addresses, is less than any print or broadcast promotion could be, given the size of the audience.


The information below should help you determine, very roughly, what a website that suits your needs would cost to develop. For example, It would be possible to create a modest three page website for less than $400.

Cost per page

Starting At

Home Page $150
Additional Pages* $100
* (Up to 20 additional pages. Per-page cost in larger sites may vary.)  
Related Services

Starting At

Logo Design $150
Document Design
 for print document
form design and development

Maintaining Your Website

Item Setup Monthly Yearly
Tracking and Updating $0 $40 $480

"Tracking and Updating" includes updates as needed (up to 300 words per month), monthly reports on site traffic, submission to major search engines and directories, and ongoing research and promotion of your site. I would be happy to discuss special tracking needs you may have.

Components and Design

Starting At

Graphic Element (diagram, drawing, photo)
ready to scan (includes cropping & adjusting for use on a Web page)
Graphic Element (diagram, drawing, photo)
provided in GIF or JPG format (includes cropping & adjusting for use on a Web page)
Feedback Form
with 8 fields
Additional feedback form fields $2
Custom Animations $50
Graphics Set
Custom graphics to give your site a unique look (includes navigation buttons, background.)
Online Ordering
 (recommendations and setup)
Copywriting $0.20/word
(free with creation or modification of a page)
Search Engine Optimization
(free with creation or modification of a page)

Below are costs for services which I do not offer. The prices here are approximate, based on services available in the central Minnesota area. They are included here to help you determine whether a Web presence is right for you: and to demonstrate how cost-effective a website is, compared to traditional promotion.

Item Setup Monthly Yearly
Virtual Web hosting $10 $10 $120
Virtual email server $10 $10 $120
Register a domain name $30 - $25
Totals $50   $265

"Virtual Web hosting" and "Virtual email server" are terms which refer to space on a system which acts as if it were a computer which holds your website or email service. I would be happy to suggest a company or two which could provide these technical services.

Finally, online shopping is relatively easy, and secure: both for your customers, and for you. I have researched a number of good shopping cart service providers, and am confident that one of them may serve your needs.


All of these rates are starting points.

If interested in a more detailed analysis of your needs, please contact me.

I would be happy to discuss your plans, at
no cost to you.

Or, you could send me an email:
Brian H. Gill

Or telephone 320 352-2087
(Central time business hours, Monday-Friday only, please)



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